Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Getting ready for the trek

 Getting everything ready for the trek out of Porto on 2 June and the road north to Santiago de Compostela 150 miles away. The metal strips in the front are my contact lenses, better when I get hot and sweaty and if the temperature stays at it's current 22 degrees that will be often. The Tilley hat has accompanied me over many hundreds of miles over the tracks of France and Spain and the red eating utensil is another must. It's a spork a combined knife, fork and spoon which I always enjoy having in my hand as it means I'm relaxing with food to eat.

There are two of everything when it comes to clothes and the whole lot, including the rucksack will weigh no more than 7kgs. When I walked the Camino Frances I was amazed what people were carrying and many returned from the first leg over the Pyrenees to post some of their stuff back home. Mind you, I've also been guilty of this. When I walked the Robert Louis Stevenson trail through the French Cevennes last year I had the bright idea that I would camp as he did. Well that lasted one night.  The ground was hard despite a foam mattress, the wall of the tent leaked and everything was damp. Worst of all I only had about one hours sleep. On the second day I dumped the whole lot in bin and stayed in hotels.

The plan this time is to use the hostel system ala  Camino Frances. I have my Pilgrim passport forth stamped each day starting at the first one in Porto which I have booked. I can then stay at the next one en route collecting stamps as I go. Cost is around 10 euros night but you have to be prepared to sleep in mixed sex rooms and put up with the snoring.

My flight to Porto leaves mid-day Sunday and I start walking solo at 6am Monday morning. Fingers crossed the weather holds fair.

I am walking to raise funds for my local hospice details of which you can see at:

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